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Importance of a Healthy Digestive System

A healthy digestive system is essential in maintaining good health. Not only are food, vitamins and minerals processed and absorbed here, it is also where 70% - 80% of our immune system is located. The digestive system has the difficult task of making sure the body absorbs vital nutrients to sustain...

Life Enzyme University

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Our Good Health

A healthy digestive system is essential in maintaining good health. Not only are food, vitamins and minerals processed and absorbed...

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Asked Questions

FAQ # 1: What are enzymes? Answer: Enzymes are fundamental to life. They are essential to every function that makes human life possible.

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Compensation Plan

The Pillars 5 Business is conducted through the marketing of Pillars 5's excellent products and services.

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posted on June 2, 2015

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posted on July 18, 2015

Mr. Jaime Fabregas and Dr. Samuel Dizon is coming to Cebu city for a medical mission this coming July 25-26, 2015, 9am to 5 pm at Sacred Heart Church, Social Hall , Dionisio Jakosalem St. Cebu City. See you there!

For inquiries please call:

635-6566 ,635-6568

0917-579-8523 (Globe)

0998-470-5764 (Smart)

0943-702-5266 (Sun)

posted on June 5, 2015

This month has never been more exciting because Life Enzyme is giving away 1 Box of Life Enzyme for FREE if you're going to purchase 3 Life Enzyme boxes!


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Battling Osteoporosis by Gina Lopez

The one thing that has given me the increase in bone density is these enzyme packets I got from Tessa Valdes. I was taking many things, so I was staying on even keel, but when I started the enzymes, my bone and muscle mass shot up. It is a little bit pricey but I have always been willing to spend on health. So if you want to try it, the name of the company is Pillars 5. The contact name is Danny or Rosalie (tel. 0917-5798533). Continue Reading>>

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I got to know Life Enzyme from my friend Lucy Yap, Before, I used to have acid reflux and my bowel movement was irregular. I've been taking Life Enzyme since December 8, 2012 and since then it has been a great help. With my use of Life Enzyme, my acid reflux was healed and my bowel movement became normal and regular. Aside from these, I lost 10 lbs. From 160 lbs, now i weigh 149 lbs even without exercise and diet. There are also times that I don't feel good and Life Enzyme becomes my natural pain reliever.

Alice Teopiz

Cainta, Rizal

If you want to watch the full video of Ms. Alice Teopiz testimonial you can visit:

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